Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Location

I am honored to have been asked to exhibit my works at East Galleries of Art owned by Ernie Farstrider. I was given one floor and told to fill it with "themed based art". Being rather new at art, (I should say art that can be imported) I initially thought it would be problematic and I was more then a bit concerned.

It took me 4 12 hour days but I managed to get it done! I created 7 new pieces, themed around my fractal florals that I had already created for another location. Please come by and see these works and let me know what you think!

There have been many fine artists asked to exhibit here including but not limited to: Tani Thor, Monrie Snook, Fioan Leitner, Winter Nightfire, Riala sandalwood. Please come by to the first floor for a complete listing. (my floor) (artist listing by floor)

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